CQC Inspection Questions

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CQC Inspection March 2012

We were informed by telephone that we would be having an inspection in 5 days, we were asked to prepare a list of 10 patients for the inspector to contact by telephone.

The inspector asked these patients if they were happy with the service provided, had they been given enough information about their treatment options and the fees they had to pay, if they were happy with the practice and equipment and if the practice was clean and the staff understood the importance of good hygiene.

On arrival they will expect the receptionist to ask them for identification

During the inspection they selected 3 of the ‘Outcomes’ and asked what we did to achieve these and to show relevant evidence.

Outcome 1 Respecting and involving patients

Patient communication and understanding‐checked computer records for notes of treatment options given and treatment plans printed. We showed patient information leaflet and educational materials.

Patient feedback‐ how you receive feedback and what you do with it‐ showed feedback reports and minutes of practice meetings, gave an example of changes being made to working practices following feedback

Outcome 4 Care and Welfare

Respecting the equality, diversity and rights of our patients, how we make changes to help patients

Completing and updating medical histories.

Oral cancer screening

Treatment records and drugs used

Maintenance records and audits for radiography equipment

Emergency drugs and training

Oral health promotion

Outcome 7 Safeguarding Patients

Complaints policy

Child protection policy and team training

Advised to go on course for safeguarding vulnerable adults

Staff records checked for references and eCRB checks

Outcome 8 Cleanliness and Infection Control

Infection control policies and team training

Disinfection and decontamination audits

Legionella prevention measures

They asked a nurse to show the decontamination room and explain the process

The compliance report was sent to us to review before being published

There is a new leaflet on the CQC website‐ Quick Guide to Preparing for CQC Inspection but I checked all of the outcomes and prepared what evidence I thought might be requested for these using information from the BDA and Denplan.