Recruitment Problems and UDA targets

Over the last couple of years practices have had increasing problems with recruiting performers (associates) especially in the more rural areas of Kent. This has created some real risks of contracts being unable to hit their UDA targets. Such contracts are in danger of not only facing significant claw backs but also breach notices as a consequence of under performances.

The contracts team of NHS England South East do recognise these difficulties for providers and are prepared to allow such contracts to have a non-recurrent reduction in their UDA targets provided the application is made in-year with sufficient time to recover any over payment and by 31st December at the latest. There needs to be good evidence that the practice has tried to recruit over a reasonable time period and that the offer made is reasonable (e.g. not expecting a performer to carry out a very high number of UDAs and UDA value is comparable to the contract’s actual UDA value). Recruitment attempts should be demonstrated by proof of advertisements and associated costs.

It will also be possible for practices that have gone for a non-recurrent reduction, in the event of the same practice being successful with a subsequent recruitment in that same year, to have a further upward realistic alteration of the reduction in the UDA target.

If you are having problems with recruitment and there is a real risk of not meeting your UDA targets, the advice from your LDC is to contact your contract manager for a discussion (or arrange a meeting if preferable) as soon as possible.

For any further advice please contact your KLDC secretary Julian Unter or Chairman Tim Hogan.