Kent Practice Inspection Checklist Update

The Home Page / Left Side Information / Kent Practice Inspection Checklist page has been updated to reflect new information including the following documents and information:

Published Jul17 – Download Link1: Practice visit document list April 2017

Published Jul17 – Download Link2 PDF: Pre visit checklist April 2017

Published Jul17 – Download Link2 WORD: Pre visit checklist April 2017

Post Practice Inspection Feedback

It is the intention of the NHS England South (South East) Local Office (LO) to issue the attached post inspection feedback letter after practices have had their regular three yearly inspection. The letter invites feedback on the inspection management and process. In order to improve their process, they would be grateful if you would give your honest opinion of the dental practice visit recently carried out. Any feedback received will remain with NHS England – South (South East.

However, should you wish to provide feedback anonymously regarding the Practice Visit process you are recommended to contact your local LDC on a confidential basis who will be happy to assist. Contact details for the KSS LDCs are on the form. For Kent LDC please email or alternatively

Download PDF: Feedback Form July 2017

Download WORD: Feedback Form July 2017