Restorative Dentistry East Kent NHS Trust

The Restorative Dentistry service in East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust (EKHUFT). This is mainly located at the William Harvey Hospital, Ashford Kent with Head and Neck Cancer appointments in Canterbury. This service is led by a Consultant in Restorative Dentistry. It has the priority of providing specialist periodontic, endodontic, prosthodontic advice and treatment to multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer, Trauma, cleft palate and patients with developmentally absent teeth seen in the Maxillofacial Department, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.

The service also provides advice and treatment when possible for complex restorative cases referred directly from primary care.

Please note that endodontic referrals that are not requiring multispecialty assessment or with a complex presentation should be referred using the Kent Endodontic Referral Pathway which is found on Dental Electronic Referral (DERS).

Referrals should be sent by post (see address on referral proforma) or can be sent on the electronic form to

When the Kent Restorative Referral pathway is launched on the Digital Electronic Referral System (DERS) at the end of the of the year, dentists will be informed. In the meantime please ignore the DERS Restorative Dentistry referral forms and pathway for Sussex.

The following forms are available for downloading in this area:

East Kent NHS Trust – Restorative Dentistry – Referral Instructions

East Kent NHS Trust – Restorative Dentistry – Referral Electronic Proforma

East Kent NHS Trust – Restorative Dentistry – Referral Proforma for hand completion and posting