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January 2016 – We have received the information below for your information, which includes a number of attachments and forms:

2b-Orthodontic-Referral-Form-Electronic-Version-11-11-15 (Word Version)

New Requirements from NHS South (South East) relating to Orthodontic referrals in Kent Surrey and Sussex

Dear Providers

I am writing to you today on behalf of Cherie Young Contracts Manager (Dental) regarding the Orthodontic Referral Pack for Kent, Surrey and Sussex Contractors.

NHS England South (South East) has been working with its stakeholders on the compilation of this referral pack which is being issued as guidance under clause 260 of the PDS Agreements and Clause 261 of the GDS Contracts.  The contents of the packs are electronically attached and comprise of:

  1. Information regarding the availability of IOTN training courses across Kent Surrey and Sussex for all Performers who have not received such training as part of their Undergraduate or Foundation Training.  The first of these courses is being held at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath on 26th November 2015.  Information on the times and booking arrangements can be made through the KSS Deanery DEBS Booking system.
  1. A poster to be displayed upon the waiting room wall regarding the NHS criteria for eligibility for braces;
  1. An orthodontic referral form which is required to be used by all practices in Kent, Surrey and Sussex with effect from 1 December 2015 and which will go live electronically during 2016 across Kent, Surrey and Sussex; there are 2 versions, one for handwritten completion and a second if you complete electronically – please ensure that if you complete electronically and intend to email to the patient’s chosen provider this must only be sent from an nhs.net email to another nhs.net email account;
  1. Information on when and where to make an orthodontic referral, including supportive photographs in a poster and when it is appropriate to refer to secondary care taken from the NHS England Commissioning Guide for Orthodontics;
  1. The patient/orthodontist contract which all patients will be required to read, sign and comply with when being accepted for an orthodontic course of treatment;
  1. An explanatory Orthodontic Appeal letter, relating to when a patient wishes to appeal against an IOTN assessment together with the Orthodontic Appeal Policy.

Further IOTN training events are being organised and currently the dates are as follows and a further update is expected shortly to cover Redhill, however I would strongly recommend that all practices ensure that this training is scheduled at the earliest opportunity:

  1. Guildford – 12.1.2016
  1. K &C Education Centre (Harvey Hall) – 11.2.2016

Kind regards

Gisela Cox

Commissioning Assistant

NHS England – South (South East)