Dental Practice Referral Policy

Often practice referral policies (as inspected regularly by the Local Office of NHS England when carrying out practice inspections) do not have sufficient accurate detail regarding the correct referral of dental patients in Kent either via the Dental Electronic Referral Service (DERS) or when a paper referral and/or initial specialist phone call for urgent cases has to be made. The attached policy has been approved for use by Local Office of NHS England South (SE) and cover the minimum requirements of such a policy. It can be adapted for individual practices as required.

P 109 Is there a patient referral policy and protocol?

Is there a named lead person for monitoring referrals?

Most referrals within Kent are now handled using the secure Vantage (REGO) Dental Electronic Referral Service (DERS) service. This service covers NHS referrals for:

  • Oral Surgery
  • Oral Pathology;
  • Urgent (two week wait) for suspected malignancy
  • Endodontics (root canal therapy)
  • Orthodontics
  • Restorative (shortly)
  • Sedation (for oral surgery or routine/restorative dentistry)
  • Community/salaried service referrals (shortly)

Kent Dental Surgery – Procedures for referring patients V5.5 – WORD file download

Dental Referrals

The NHS England South (South East) Dental Referee document can be downloaded in PDF format here

It is hoped that the list of contacts within this document will be useful to you in your practice.  This list is not a substitute for the “Choose and Book” arrangements notified by the Local Office of NHS England South (South East), but complements that list.

It is not a comprehensive list and any alterations or additions would be gratefully received by Alison Cross – Contracts Manager – NHS England South (South East) –