Mental Capacity Act 2005

May16 – Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice from download – (Click here to leave this site and be taken to the web site where the document can also be viewed and downloaded).


Mental Capacity Adult Training

provided by Judi Barham

Judi Barham is a general dental practitioner who has worked in the NHS for more than 25 years. More recently she also qualified in Law and has a Masters Degree in Legal Aspects of Medical Practice. Her special interest and dissertation topic was the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA).

As Dental Professionals we all have responsibilities to recognise, raise and refer as appropriate any concerns regarding those members of society who cannot protect themselves against neglect and abuse and this includes vulnerable adults. This responsibility has been recognised by the GDC which now includes Safeguarding as recommended CPD for all registrants.

Vulnerable adults require careful consideration regarding consent for a proposed course of treatment.  You need to be able to apply the provisions of the MCA 2005 practically to assess the capacity of vulnerable adults and whether they have the necessary capacity to consent to a particular treatment and what to do if they do not.

The new style CQC inspections have recently focused on both Safeguarding and capacity & consent and this training session/workshop will equip your team with the knowledge expected at such inspections. Whistleblowing and the duty of candour are also covered in this session.

Learning goals Mental Capacity Act 2005

  • Understand what is consent and who can consent to treatment
  • Understand capacity, how to assess capacity and how to maximise the decision making ability of a patient
  • Understand the process to be followed if a patient is lacks capacity to make the decision for themselves
  • Know where to find support and advice regarding capacity issues

The combined Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Mental Capacity Act training lasts approximately 3 1/2 hours and is practice based (the recommended group size is no more than 24).

The cost is £250 for the combined training (if more than 24 in the session costs will be slightly more to cover the cost of additional handouts).

Training for just Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults or Mental Capacity Act can also be provided independently and these sessions lasts approximately 2 hours each and cost £150 each (subject to numbers).  A certificate will be provided at the end for all to satisfy the CQC/Area Team and CPD requirements.

To arrange training contact Judi at  or by mobile telephone on 07731695943