IRMER Guidance

IR(ME)R CPD Requirement Clarification. Colleagues will be aware that you are required at least every 5 years to complete an appropriate update on IRMER in order to continue to be able to prescribe and take radiographs. Recently it has become apparent that some colleagues are attending various courses that have an element of radiation training – perhaps a 30 minute or one hour CPD course. However, it has become clear that this random and potentially disjointed approach may not fulfill the requirements / syllabus of the 5 hours 5 yearly training requirements. The attached document gives more detailed guidance and has been approved by the Dental Contract and Quality Assurance Panel (DCQAP) of NHS England South (SE) Local Office (ie Kent, Surrey & Sussex). It should provide assistance for any queries on the subject in the future.

IRMER Guidance PDF Download Link Published July 2017