Avoidance of Doubt

Avoidance of Doubt: provision of phased NHS treatments

The purpose of this document published by the Chief Dental Officer Sara Hurley in March 2018 is to support dental professionals, and to clarify where it might be appropriate to provide phased treatment spanning over several courses of treatment (CoT). In turn, this should improve access to high quality NHS dentistry to meet the needs of patients who will not usually have accessed and completed routine dental care in the previous 24 months. This cohort of patients would generally be those with high dental needs and as such are more likely to be adults from a vulnerable background with additional health or social needs. 

Link:    https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/avoidance-of-doubt-provision-of-phased-treatments-v20.pdf

A copy of this PDF may also be downloaded from the KLDC website below or via the Home Page / Information / Latest News For Dentist page:

Avoidance of Doubt: provision of phased NHS treatments