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The Kent Local Dental Committee (KLDC) is a statutory NHS body made up of dentists from general practice, the hospital services, the salaried services and the personal dental services (once referred to as the community dental services). Its function is to represent the interests of dentists and dentistry in Kent and to advise the Local Office of NHS England in their commissioning of NHS services.

For the LDC to be recognised and have influence with the various dental authorities it must operate according to its constitution. The constitution is a legal framework that has been drawn up by the Department of Health and British Dental Association and adapted by the Kent LDC to make it relevant to this county. The LDC constitution has now been agreed and accepted by the former Kent & Medway Area Team and subsequently by the Local Office of NHS England South (South East).

Although members of the LDC are committed to represent the interests of all dentists in Kent, for the constitution to be recognised and agreed by NHS England, GDP membership of the LDC has to be restricted to dentists who have an NHS contract (as provider or performer). However any dentist in Kent is welcome to attend an LDC committee meeting by approval of the acting Chairman as an observer.

Tim Hogan KLDC Chairman      Tim Hogan Chairman of Kent LDC





Referee Quick Reference Download

Feb 2015 Document – To download the NHS England South (South East) Dental Referee document in PDF format – Click Here